SALE! One-of-a-Kind 8th Anniversary Joyboxx + Playtray


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Created for Joyboxx's 8th Anniversary. Each one is Unique and Assembled by the Inventor!

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MIXED COLORS - Each Joyboxx + Playtray is a unique creation hand selected and assembled by the inventor Deborah, no two are alike! 

SOLID COLORS - Each part may have a unique secret pattern that appears when held to the light.

How does this occur? Our commitment to 'HOLEistic Design for Peace of Mind' ensure we choose the most eco-friendly plastic-injection materials and process available. During the color-change process, instead of "purging" the machine with chemicals, we let the next color run through.   

This creates incredible one-of-a-kind parts and swirls and patterns!

HOLEistic Design for Peace of Mind

HOLEistic Design™ for Peace of Mind!

  • Doctor Recommended
  • Prevents Germs
  • Includes 2 styles of Locks
  • Ventilation Holes - Dry Wet Items Discreetly
  • USB Size Charging Hole Fits 6 Cables
Hide Joyboxx in plain sight, under the bed, closet, or drawer and it blends right in without any branding. The food-grade plastic and discreet, unisex design are completed with a rich sophisticated matte finish.

Protect yourself, toys and furniture with Playtray!

Set your item on the removable Playtray before and after use, then clean at your leisure, if you don't have time to clean right away (who does?) set it inside Joyboxx and the hidden ventilation holes will dry your item discreetly. 

SALE! One-of-a-Kind 8th Anniversary Joyboxx + Playtray
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