Joyboxx + Playtray Hygienic Storage System

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Spread Joy not Germs

    • REAL Doctors & Nurses Recommend to Patients

    • Includes 2 Styles of Locks

    • 4-in-1 Playtray Keeps Germs Away! 

    • Hidden Ventilation Holes - Dry Wet Items Discreetly

    • Stop Buzz Kill - USB Size Charging Hole Fits 6 Cables 

    • Eco-friendly, BPA Free, recyclable, reusable body safe material

    • Multi-Purpose Personal Item Protection: Cannabis, Medication, Make-up, Supplements, Valuables and More!


Hide your Joyboxx in plain sight, under the bed, closet or drawer and it blends right in without any branding. Deceivingly simple looking, this patented cleaning and storage system solves every problem sex toy owners may face.  

The discreet unisex design is completed with a rich sophisticated matte finish.

Doctor Recommended to prevent pelvic infections!



Joyboxx fits in most nightstand drawers.  There is room for many products or several large ones. (Exact dimensions are below)

The average number of products that fit inside both compartments is 10. 

Keep a Joyboxx on each side of your bedside filled with your favorite toys and accessories. Keep one locked and loaded as a party play box, for your carry-on suitcase or in the car! 


Playtray clean and dry hygienic personal item tray toothbrushes sex toys vibrators cell phones bedroom bathroom utensils

Protect yourself, toys and furniture with Playtray!  Set your toy or lube on the removable Playtray before and after use, then clean at your leisure.

If you don’t have time to clean right away, put your sticky vibrator, dildo, or whatever brings you joy inside (literally) back inside Joyboxx without worry! 

Your sex toys will dry and won't pick up additional lint, dust or germs that fabrics add.  The antimicrobial nature of pure food-grade polypropylene means your precious pleasure products  won't stick to Joyboxx, grow bacteria colonies, smell, or melt down into a chemical mess.  

Gross right? These things happen with PVC, vinyl, metal or smelly mixed plastic cases that are sold in adult shops and big box retail stores.

There is no substitute for patented, Joyboxx + Playtray hygienic cleaning and storage system.  

    • EASY TO CLEAN! Use alcohol based cleaners, soap, sanitizers or the Dishwasher
    • PVC, BPA & Phthalate Free
    • Fits on average 4-11 adult toys
    • Food-grade, antimicrobial, non-porous, recyclable polypropylene
    • USB size hole for discreet and sanitary electronics charging
    • Sophisticated Unisex Design
    • Protected with Anti-bacterial Additive Gaia 704
    • Non-locking easy-access top compartment for small items like batteries, lip balm and condoms.
    • Child resistant, removable, quiet finger slide lock
    • Fits inside most bedside tables and drawers
    • Hidden ventilation holes helps moisture evaporate and keeps dust out

Joyboxx & Playtray patented hygienic personal item storage diagram locks tray ventilation drying holes charging port

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