Joyboxx Founder to Appear on Kansas City Radio Show Tuesday Morning

August 24, 2020

LOS ANGELES — Joyboxx founder and inventor Deborah will be interviewed tomorrow on “The Johnny Dare Morning Show” at The Rock! 98.9 FM, Kansas City’s Rock Station.

“Deborah will be giving away a custom Build-a-Boxx Joyboxx,” said a rep.

The rep added that the Joyboxx founder and Dare will be “talking sex, 'hugs' and rock-n-roll.”

"Made of sturdy plastic, the innocuous-looking Joyboxx safely stores the majority of sex toys out there in a nice, clean, plastic box, away from cat hair and the stuff on the bottom of your nightstand drawer," the rep explained. "The included PlayTray is a flat, vented, two-sided plastic tray that you can use like a soap dish but also works as a built in divider to separate your toys in the Joyboxx. There’s a sliding closure, which takes a moment to figure out, but once you know the feel, it’s fine."

To listen to Joyboxx’ Deborah at “The Johnny Dare Morning Show,” click here tomorrow, August 25, at 5:45 a.m. (PDT).

For more from Joyboxx and “The Johnny Dare Morning Show,” follow them on Twitter.

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