Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kit


Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kits to HELP WOMEN IN NEED.  PERIOD.

With your help, Passionate Playground will give 1,000 kits to homeless women’s shelters to support Menstrual Hygiene Day and Seattle’s “One Million Tampons effort.


Your purchase of a Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kit pays for about 50 items that will go inside, (tampons, pads, cups, hygiene samples) and kit assembly labor and delivery to homeless women’s shelters. When possible we will give organic menstrual hygiene products from woman-owned businesses. 

YES you can buy more than one!  We will make cases of 12 kits. When we get several cases, we will deliver them to the shelters! 

*FAQ click here

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS KIT WON’T BE SHIPPED TO YOU.  We will send an email to all contributors with a letter from the shelter or charity.  

Thank you so much for helping!    

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