Spice up your meal with sexy flirty fortune cookies

Flirty Fortune Cookies

$24.69 $16.69

A dirty dozen (12) of original handcrafted cookies made in Seattle, WA.

    THE JOY’S INSIDE …YOUR MOUTH! The crisp, classic, vanilla cookie flavor will bring smiles and tickle tastebuds. Made in Seattle, WA USA.
CERTIFIED FRESH & FLIRTY FORTUNES| No stale jokes or repeats in this dirty dozen. Clever copyright protected word concocktions will bring good fun and luck…in bed.

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Fortunes written by the inventor of Joyboxx

  • Each flirty fortune is unique
  • Made fresh in Seattle’s International District
  • Cookies contain wheat.  NOT Gluten Free 
ADULT FRIENDLY HAPPY ENDING | Enjoy a delightful dessert to end your meal or begin a hot night. NSFW depending on your work. Rated R for Responsible.
HOLEistic PACKAGING | 100% recyclable, but each cookie is individually wrapped to protect. We’d send them naked if we could.
WOMAN OWNED BUSINESSES |  In Partnership with Greenfire Loft and NSFW Cookies.  So bad and so good.

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