Let’s F*Ck! – Dice Game


A great F*Cking game…
Everyone wins in this dice game. The Let’s Fuck! Dice game leads you to one and only one thing….fun steamy, hot foreplay! Roll your way to pleasure! Take turns rolling the dice with your partner and do exactly what the dice say!

#MyJoyboxxTip: Tickle your fancy and keep these dice handy in the easy access Joyboxx top compartment.


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Everyone wins and you always get lucky!

  • 5 Dice Included
  • Great for foreplay
  • Get the good times rolling and sexual creativity and juices flowing
  • Take turns rolling the dice and explore each other’s intimate side
  • One die tells you what to do and the other tells you what body part to put it on
  • Players take turns rolling both dice. After each roll a player performs the action rolled on the body part rolled of the other player. Play continues until someone has rolled a winning roll. After the winner has given his or her lover the winning roll reward and he gets to roll the silver die. He is allowed two rolls to then select the winning sex position reward.

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