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Buy Joyboxx  plus any extra parts here.  Playtray, Joybuff, Mini Combo Lock, Small Lids.  

Why do all adult toys need this?  Designed and patented by Deborah Semer in 2013, Joyboxx + Playtray is the world's first and only hygienic and safe locking box and cleaning tools system, for your adult pleasure products, before, during and after use.  

We are constantly learning new ways our customers use Joyboxx + Playtray in addition to hiding edibles, locking up medications and beauty products, one customer bought 6 Joyboxxes and uses them to manage his computer system and cables!  

  • We are a certified female funded and led small business.  
  • Made in the USA.  
  • HOLEistic design, carbon and planet friendly supply chain and products!

The Joy's Inside!™