Joyboxx Sex Toy Storage System Makes 'the Cut' in New York Magazine's Groundbreaking Series 'Sex Probz' 

Joyboxx Sex Toy Storage System Makes 'the Cut' in New York Magazine's Groundbreaking Series 'Sex Probz' 

April 25, 2019

April 25, 2019 - Seattle, WA - Passionate Playground LLC announces today that its patented storage system, Joyboxx + Playtray is featured in the first episode of Sex Probz - a groundbreaking online series produced by New York Magazine's standalone website the Cut.   
The show follows sex educators Francisco Ramirez and Lola as they solve a range of diverse problems New Yorkers face in the bedroom, including sex toys and interior decorating tips to create a more joyous sex life.
In the first episode, "I'm Disabled. How Can I Improve My Sex Life?"  Francisco and Lola visit Mira Mariah in Brooklyn. Mira is a tattoo artist (who has inked Ariana Grande)!, a mom to a 4-year-old, and a below-knee amputee who is on a mission to enhance her sex life as she navigates a small living space, her disability and chronic pain.
Watch Francisco and Lola talk about Joyboxx in "the Cut":
I'm Disabled. How Do I Make My Sex Life Amazing? | Sex Probz
I'm Disabled. How Do I Make My Sex Life Amazing? | Sex Probz
The hosts video chat with Disability and Sexuality Educator, Robin Wilson-Beattie who says, "The thing about chronic pain, is you have to acknowledge you may not be able to be as spontaneous as you would like to be about sexuality."  
Francisco and Robin give Mira premium adult products to help her with spontaneity including; a Liberator® Throw, Joyboxx + Playtray antimicrobial, locking storage system, Dame® Pillo and Unbound® wearable handcuffs and massage ring.
Joyboxx inventor and Passionate Playground founder, Deborah Semer has often been called, the Marie Kondo of tidying sex toys.
Semer states, "This is a peak moment for Joyboxx to reach thousands of people in such a prestigious media outlet. Now everyone can really spark the joy inside! I spent five years helping the amputee ward at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where I met my future investor, Jillian Murphy. So helping people with mobility challenges protect their passion is a topic very close to our hearts!"
Joyboxx Founder, Deborah Semer at Babeland
Semer added, "The timing has been wild. We almost sold out of Joyboxx globally during a factory change when Sex Probz producer, Samantha Lee contacted us because she couldn't find a Joyboxx in New York. I was standing in the new factory making them, so shipped one to her, literally hot off the press!"
Learn more about Joyboxx in the video below:
The Joyboxx & Playtray Storage System
The Joyboxx & Playtray Storage System
The video series first six episodes will be released each Tuesday and hopes to be picked up by a streaming service.  Show producer Lee states, "We felt that the media landscape lacked content that covered sexual pleasure and sexual health in a smart, funny, compelling and educational way. Sex Probz, hopefully, fills that gap and paves the path for more honest, helpful videos in this sphere." 
Joyboxx + Playtray is the world's only patented, antimicrobial,  storage box system designed originally to keep adult products safe and clean but has developed into a multi-purpose hygienic storage solution for medications, menstrual, hygiene and cannabis products. Build-a-Boxx™ The Joy's Inside!™ 
Sex Probz is produced by Samantha Lee, a producer at New York Magazine. The hosts are Francisco Ramirez, a sexual health speaker and consultant, and Lola, a sex educator, performer and host of Sex Ed A GoGo. 

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