Playboy Playmates Compete for Joyboxx with Sir Mix-A-Lot

April 22, 2015

Joyboxx on Playboy Morning Show with Sir Mix-A-Lot (PlayboyTV) [CENSORED] from Joyboxx + Playtray on Vimeo

Playboy Playmates Compete to Win a Joyboxx with Hip-Hop Legend Sir Mix-a-Lot on Playboy TV & Radio  "Baby Got Boxx!"


April 22, 2015 – Seattle, WA – Passionate Playground LLC is thrilled to announce its product, Joyboxx, the world’s only antimicrobial adult toy storage system, made its debut on the Playboy TV and Radio morning show on April 21 with hosts, Andrea Lowell and Dan Cummins and special guest Seattle, Hip-Hop legend, Sir Mix-a-Lot.

The Seattle connection came together via Joyboxx inventor Deborah Semer and her long-time relationship with "Mix" and his management team from the music business and beyond.

Sir Mix-a-Lot supports Joyboxx as a safe place to park your (adult) toys.

Host Dan Cummins said he was also originally from Seattle and they had an in-depth discussion of Mix a-Lot’s do-it-yourself controversial career, impact on hip-hop, future recording plans, and the ground-breaking song “Baby Got Back,” celebrating the curvy woman.

Sir Mix-A-Lot judged a “Battle of the Babes” trivia game where Playboy Playmates competed to win a purple Joyboxx. When host Andrea Lowell introduced Joyboxx and its many features, Sir Mix a-lot said, “Oh I love this, I call it the cock box. I know the inventor!  She's going to be a Billionaire!  Trust me!”

Sir Mix-a-Lot on Playboy TV with his hand and finger raised stating "I know the inventor of Joyboxx, She's going to be a Billionaire"

In the end, the Butts team won, to the surprise of no one, and “Baby got a Boxx” to take home.

Playboy Morning Show Host Holds a Purple Joyboxx with her Tongue Out

The Playboy Morning Show aired on

Passionate Playground is a Seattle, WA based company founded by Deborah Semer who is proving that sometimes thinking “inside the box” can be revolutionary.

Passionate Playground is dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness by innovating body safe products for passionate people. Passionate Playground’s first two products Joyboxx® and Playtray® – are the only hygienic adult toy storage system on the market that protect sex toys, people and furniture before, during and after sexual play.

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