Thinking Inside the Box: Five Benefits of the Joyboxx Storage System

Thinking Inside the Box: Five Benefits of the Joyboxx Storage System

March 2015

By Emmeline Peaches

In my experience the modern consumer of adult products is sophisticated, savvy and just generally well-researched.

We’ve got to a point where most people know that phthalates are bad, porous toys should be avoided, and jelly toys are generally a no-go zone. Heck, part of the reason that sex toy review bloggers such as myself exist is because there’s a genuine demand for user experiences. People want to know what toys feel like, how safe they are and if they’re worth the investment.

Yet despite this move towards mindful sex toy purchases we generally spend very little time thinking about what we store our sex toys in and the practicalities of generic everyday storage units for sex toys. Stopping to think about it this seems very strange. After all, luxury sex toys tend to be a very pricey investment (and that’s saying nothing about the emotional side too). Why are we so thoughtful when it comes to purchasing our ideal sex toy and yet so casual when it comes to how we store it?

Up until now a lack of options could be partially to blame; beyond silken storage bags or repurposed cardboard boxes there hasn’t really been much on offer that is practical, discreet and affordable. But the Joyboxx Storage System reflects a change in this predicament, finally offering a viable alternative to the conscious sex toy consumer.

Having tried the Joyboxx myself I can personally vouch for the benefits of this brilliant storage system and would like to share five of them with you right now:

1. It Stops Sex Toy Disasters

melted and shorted sex toys

Fabric bags, vinyl boxes, wooden drawers. We all have a preferred method of storing our favourite sex toys. But our attempts to keep our sex toys safe could actually be doing more harm than good.

Some sex toy materials have a pretty adverse reaction to each other if they’re just bundled together in a drawer. Jelly, for example, is notorious for reacting with other sex toy materials and essentially melting upon contact. Because of this it’s very important to make sure that you know what material your toys are made out of and keep the right ones separated.

Certain storage box materials may also be porous, meaning they have the ability to harbour nasty things such as bacteria, mildew and bodily fluids. If you store your toys in conditions like this (especially before they’re fully dry) then you could have an unpleasant situation on your hands.

Since the Joyboxx is custom made for storing sex toys it factors in these nightmare scenarios and comes up with smart, effective counters which make sex toy storage hassle free. Made from a body-safe, non-porous and non-reactive plastic, the Joyboxx won’t react with any of your toys. It also comes with a divider that doubles as a wash tray (aptly called the Playtray), providing a convenient clean-up solution.

And, as an extra precaution, the plastic used for the Joyboxx even has an antimicrobial agent built into it, making it resistant to any bacterial build ups. Oh and when you do need to wash it a dishwasher will do the trick. Safe, simple and reassuring.


2. It Busts Dust Bunnies

joyboxx busts dust bunnies keeps vibrators safe

Lint is also an issue that plagues a lot of improvised storage solutions. Without proper ventilation a lot of storage spaces can gather up dust a debris which then finds its way onto the surface of your toys. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.

But when it comes to the Joyboxx intelligently placed ventilation holes mean that your sex toys have the appropriate amount of breathing space without being covered in dust come the end of it all.

As a bonus, there’s even a cable slot in the back of the box which allows you to recharge your toys while in storage, without worrying about them sitting on the side gathering dust in the process. What more could you want?


3. It Values Your Privacy

Discretion is a key aspect to any storage system. No matter how much we enjoy sex toys most people don’t want to air their dirty laundry (or clean dildos) in public.

Thankfully the Joyboxx has kept discretion at the heart of their design process. Looking at Joyboxx Storage System you’d be hard pressed to imagine it as more than an unassuming box when glancing over its non-descript exterior.

The Joyboxx also has a built in locking system which slides into place and keeps your toys securely hidden away from any prying eyes (bonus points for this locking system being child-proof).

While the top section of the Joyboxx isn’t lockable it does make for an excellent tool ally in misdirecting nosy observers. The unisex appearance of the Joyboxx means that most people will mistake it for a crafts/tool box of some description so use this to your advantage.

Slip some receipts, sewing equipment, or nuts and bolts in it. That way most people won’t even think that the contents are meant for a different kind of screwing. 

4. It’s Portable

Measuring in at 12.60” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 5.0” (H) externally the Joyboxx is large enough to hold most toys effectively but slim enough to be easily moved around the house, hid under the bed, or even tucked in a drawer for double the security.

These slimmer dimensions also mean that travel is an option with the Joyboxx.

Whether you’re going away for a long trip and want to bring an exclusive bundle, or simply lack toys with a travel lock and want to avoid any accidental button-presses, the Joyboxx offers the perfect dimensions for portable play.

5. It Can Be Part of the Play

People don’t typically think of sex toy storage systems as being part of their sexual activities but with the Joyboxx there’s no reason not to. Because it’s portable you can easily place the Joyboxx at the end of the bed making swapping out toys a breeze. The Playtray really comes into its own here; you can use it to place toys on before sex and then after, keeping your sheets nice and clean.

The discreet exterior of the Joyboxx also means that you could tantalise your partner with what you plan to pull out next, making it a treasure trove of sexual anticipation.

And, of course, if you’re got a thing for roleplaying then the Joyboxx could work very well for a builder fantasy, to give just one example.

When it comes to sex you pick the rules. The parameters of your personal playtime will be incredibly personal, and that spark of sexual creativity may change as time goes on. But thanks to Joyboxx and its hygienic, discreet, portable design there are suddenly a lot more benefits to thinking inside of the box.


Emmeline Peaches is a queer female happily engaged to her male partner, Mr. Peaches. Her early sexual experiences led to the discovery that she was suffering from Vaginismus (an involuntary tightening of the muscles surrounding the vagina, making sex incredibly painful).
Undeterred, Emmeline took to her local sex store and started informing herself about the wonderful world of sex and sex merchandise. With time, determination, and a bullet vibe, Emmeline eventually managed to overcome her condition and gained an unyielding love for sex toys in the process.
Having experimented with various toys for a few years, Emmeline decided to start a sex toy review site in order to help other people gain the positive sexual experiences that they deserve. She’ll be doing so with the passive assistance of her lovely partner, Mr. Peaches, who will provide insights when it comes to the penis-pleasing sex toys that Emmeline can’t quite do justice.


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