Passionate Playground Launches Locally Made Eco-Friendly Packaging and Marketing Campaign

Passionate Playground Launches Locally Made Eco-Friendly Packaging and Marketing Campaign

January 6, 2020

SEATTLE — Passionate Playground has launched a sustainable packaging and marketing campaign, “HOLEistic Design = Peace of Mind” for its patented, adult toy storage system, Joyboxx + Playtray.

The new packaging is locally made by the latest technology in direct-to-corrugate digital printing. The colorful plant based inks are LED-cured and meet OCC certification for 100 percent recyclability and repulpability.

Passionate Playground founder Deborah Semer says, “My goal from day one was to get our manufacturing carbon footprint as small as possible. The new creative, ‘HOLEistic Design = Peace of Mind’ playfully captures our systemic mind-body and maker-planet consciousness.”

Semer continues, “Joyboxx has curves and holes that made packaging reduction and product protection a challenge. It took years, but I found the right partner only a few miles from us with Alliance Packaging. They quickly manifested my vision and created the multi-functional wrap that does five things.”

The new Joyboxx packaging is also shipping and retail friendly, stackable, protective and educational.

Since Joyboxx is a tool for tidying sex toys, the graphics include a nod to Netflix star Marie Kondo to “Really Spark Joy Inside!” around the vibrator/vape charging and vent hole.

The bottom panel shows the benefits of how the product-mind-body connection helps customers:

• RENEW: 100 percent Recyclable and Dishwasher-Safe
• RELAX: Vent Holes Dry, Locks Stop Prying Eyes
• RECHARGE: While Electronics Stay Germ-Free
• REFRESH: Set Your Item on Playtray, Wash and Dry Dirt Away

The entire eco-wrap is removable and reusable to Build-a-Boxx with Joyboxx. “HOLEsale” customers can unwrap the package and ship other products inside to reduce their own shipping carbon footprint.

Joyboxx + Playtray includes a dual locking system and a how-to-use information booklet. It’s made in Washington State with food-grade, non-porous polypropylene and antimicrobial agent from Texas.

The new Joyboxx is now shipping globally to wholesalers for $20 each in eight-pack cases. Its MSRP is $39.99

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