SCAM ALERT! JOYBOXSTUDIO LIMITED nv1@joyboxstudio  is an app from the Apple or Google Store and not our company,  Please check your phone/device, for one of these apps and delete it, report it to your bank and the apple or google store.  The founder is Russian and this is a Russian company that seems compromised.  

You can leave a negative review on the App Store that they are making unauthorized charges. 

This is the company you are looking for:

File a report at

We are sorry this is happening to you and to us! NEXT ON TO OUR COMPANY,  IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO CALL PASSIONATE PLAYGROUND ABOUT YOUR JOYBOXX hygienic adult toy storage box system or order:  Real Human Phone or Text  +1 (206) 289-0194  (Spam is filtered)

Hours of Operation Generally, But Not Always

M-Saturday 9am-5pm.  PST Left Coast Pacific Time USA.