Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Let's Talk Dirty!

There is a lot of confusion about cleaning sex toys.  Which cleaning products are ok to use on your vibrator, dildo, butt plug and leather products?

Research conducted by Indiana University has found that roughly 53% of women and nearly half of men, ages 18 to 60, have used some form of adult toy. Proper care and maintenance of your toys bring you joy for years to come. In most cases less expensive toys made of lower quality materials will have a shorter life than those of a higher quality.

It is important to thoroughly clean your toys after every use, even if you use a condom on them.  Joyboxx has an antimicrobial agent in its food-grade plastic that helps your toys resist bacteria, mold, fungus and virus, however it is not a dishwasher and cannot clean body fluids and lube off the toy.

Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner.  Be sure to keep water away from any vibrating motors or battery compartments, including small crevices in the toys that might leak water to these parts.  It is best to read the manufacturer's recommendation for your toy's cleaning and care.

Glass dildos and vibrators are among the easiest to clean, as they are non-porous. Medical-grade silicone toys are also easy to keep clean for similar reasons. You may even use a condom to cover your toys before using them which helps keep them even cleaner.

Recommended cleaning methods for popular adult toy materials:

Plastic – soap and water, rubbing alcohol, sex toy cleaner
Latex – mild soap and water, sex toy cleaner
Jelly – mild soap and water, sex toy cleaner
Cyberskin – mild soap and water, Cyberskin cleaner, sex toy cleaner, refreshing powder
Silicone – soap and water, sex toy cleaner