Emily morse endorse joyboxx dr doctor sexual health "I fucking want one!" - Dr. Emily Morse, Sex with Emily

Joyboxx is Doctor-Recommended!

"This is exactly what my friends want! This is fabulous... It's fucking genius!" - Wendy Miller, Playboy TV Producer

"I absolutely love the Joyboxx! It is a wonderful product for people who are exploring..."
Andrea Renae, Sex Educator

Babeland Loves Joyboxx!

Babeland Review Joyboxx Adult Storage Box Sex Toy Box

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“I am part of the local BDSM community in Orlando. I thought these were a pretty great idea for gifts!” – Ashley Z.

 “It has arrived and is being used. Very nice product! Fits perfectly in the night stand and holds everything I have :-)I have a Fleshlight®, cock rings, lube, glass dildo.” – Mark M.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I got my Joyboxx last week or so (and this is internationally, so thanks for being so on the ball on shipping!)
Overall, I love it, and I’m actually thinking about buying more, because I have way too many toys!”– Michelle H.

 “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. My wife and I have small kids and teenagers at home and need a way to lock up our toys.” – Jake J.


“Joyboxx is a superior and thoughtful design.”  – Phoebe Grott, Senior Buyer, Babeland

“We must address the cleanliness of our adult ‘toys’ with the same passion that we use them. Finally here’s the product that all consumers need to address this void!” -Phyllis Heppenstall, Founder, Peekay Inc. (Lover’s Package, Con Rev, Christals) 
Watch Phyllis deliver the XBIZ 360 2013 Adult Retail Keynote speech here.

Joyboxx is my intimate toy’s best friend!” – Lexi Love, film star, artist, sexual health advocate

“These products have completely redefined the storage and accessory categories.” – Scott Dantis, Director of Sales and Marketing, Williams Trading Company

“No matter what pleasure product the consumer buys, they will need a Joyboxx and a Playtray, to go with it.” – Elcke Wieffering, Senior Purchaser, Eropartner Distribution (Europe)

“The charging hole is so convenient for me! I’m always having to charge my We-Vibe Tango, but I don’t like to just have it laying out in the open, so I can charge it in the Joyboxx and not have to worry about someone seeing it. It’s a great feature for someone who has nosy roommates, parents or children!” Amber – Reviews by a Nerd

“I absolutely love the Joyboxx, especially for people exploring alternative relationships. You can put everything you have in your Joyboxx and take it to your play parties. I love the Playtray to keep your toys in a safe spot and clean, it’s wonderful!” - Andrea Renae, Sexuality Educator, Alternative Relationship Mentor  (The Academy of Sex Education, Sex Geekdom, SCHOP)


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