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There are several storage products available for sex toys, but they are not ventilated and made of vinyl, fabric, metal and wood. These are not materials we recommend. They don’t provide a hygienic storage system, if you put your used toy away without cleaning or put it away wet or damp. Some high quality sex toys do not react well to contact with PVC or other materials.
Be very careful about not storing silicones together or touching materials that could cause a “chemical meltdown,”add bacteria or lint to your toy. You can also buy a clear plastic box at your favorite chain store, that doesn’t lock and smells funny “off-gassing” because it’s not made of food-grade polypropylene.
But NO, actually you can’t find anything on planet earth that is 100% safe for your sex toys, your body and your furniture and also provides a hygienic system for each step of pleasure product use! That’s why we created Joyboxx and Playtray.
Joyboxx is much more than “just a box”!
It’s a carefully thought out system for each moment of pleasure product use. From thinking about having sex, to that urgent moment when you “need a condom right away,” to quietly opening the box so your roommates don’t know, to taking out your toy then setting it down on the nightstand to get comfortable, to setting your toy or bottle of lube down after use and things are sticky, to dealing with cleaning it later, to charging your toys without having them sit in the open, to protecting them from prying eyes, dust, pet hair, bacteria and mold...
Joyboxx and Playtray handle all of these moments so you can Play on!™
Joyboxx is:

  • PVC, BPA, Phthalate free
  • USB charging hole
  • Ventilated
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Antimicrobial
  • Recyclable
  • *Not self-cleaning
Simply wash Joyboxx and Playtray with soap and hot water or a toy cleaner after every use. Rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution can be used to clean if desired.
Joyboxx and Playtray can also be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher!
  1. 1) Set to 0-0-0 ( “middle row” align with indent)
  2. 2) Push in button located on bottom of lock
  3. 3) Adjust the dials to your desired combination
  4. 4) Release the button located on the bottom of lock
  5. 5) The lock is now set to your personal combination

  6. 6) To reset, push button and change combo, release button.
To change the slider color, clean inside or if you pull it off (in the heat of the moment), simply snap it back onto the top rail.
Point the internal “nose groove” down towards the lid rail. Insert the top of groove first, then press firmly in the middle to snap it on.
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*Joyboxx is not self cleaning, like a dishwasher, it will not remove body fluids, dust and hair, but it will “kill” microbes (bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, yeast) and help prevent microbe growth on the toy surface it touches.   Read more here.
  Our Joyboxx antimicrobial agent is mixed into the food-safe plastic during manufacturing so it will not wash off. It is safe and derived from inorganic glass powder.  Silver ions retained in the glass network structure are released gradually and provide the antimicrobial resistance.
All shipments are discreetly packaged in plain brown boxes, padded envelopes, or UPS/USPS supplied packaging.
Our name appears as “PPJB” on the return address and our logo does not appear anywhere on the outside of the packaging.
Our packaging makes no mention of the nature of the contents, except when required by international customs regulations. For international shipments, where we must describe package contents, the descriptions are discreet and generic (i.e. ‘plastic box’).
Yes. Your credit card will be charged when you enter your credit card information on the final review page, we’ll give you an order confirmation number. You will also immediately receive an email confirming that your order has been received.
When your order has been shipped, we will send you another email with your tracking number and a link to where you can track it online. International USPS packages will not receive an email unless requested.
We collect sales tax only in Washington State where we have a physical office.
Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is secure. SSL encrypts the transmissions from our ecommerce servers as well as your computer. SSL encryption works by forming a matched pair with the transmission from your computer transmission and our server, so that only data to and from these sources can be valid. See our privacy policy for more information.
Yes. We’ve taken several steps to ensure all information received from our online visitors is secure from unauthorized access and use. All transactions are completed on a secure server. In secure mode, your computer and our server send data back and forth in an encrypted format.
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